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Not good at talking about myself...anyhooo... I am 44 right now (2011) and am married with 5 daughters.  One from my young n dumb years(24), two from my first marriage (19 & 16), and two more from my present marriage(3 &5). As you can see, all phases of child rearing are fresh in my mind.

I am a jack of all trades but for the last decade have owned my own business cleaning windows. Before that i was a meat cutter for 5 years, Two of which i spent as manager. In the years before that i spent several as a line cook and about 5 more in general contracting, among other things.

  I have always had what others have called a "knack" for writing, and love it. The only thing is, I have written hundreds of things in my head, but have rarely put things on paper. Now I find myself enjoying putting some of the things going on inside my head into print. Thank you for reading, please comment and vote my articles up at the end if you enjoy them. Link to this page or one specific article most anywhere you wish.

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    Lambsquarters. Unknown Nutritional Superfood

    3 years ago

    When is a superfood given that title? Check out why lambsquarters deserve it and why they aren't considered one already.

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    Planting Tomatoes in the Midwest

    3 years ago

    Anybody can grow good tomatoes, but I will help you grow amazing tomatoes! With a little training and practice, you won't know what to do with all of them, too!

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    Surgical Options for Atrial Septal Defects

    2 years ago

    Atrial Septal Defects, or ASD's as they are known are fancy words for a hole in the heart. First heard usually as a heart murmur, can lead to serious complications like open heart surgery when robotic surgery is...

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    Heating Your House with Wood

    3 years ago

    There are many ways to heat with wood, from a fireplace to an outdoor boiler unit to heat your whole house exclusively with wood. I try to give the pros and cons of several popular ways of heating with wood in a...

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